Long ago, magic was plentiful within the world, and the different nations prospered. This all changed when a young magician by the name of Tanzean'al was seduced by power and greed. Tanzean'al was driven power hungry by the tempting whispers of a succubus demon. With knowledge and power gained by listening to the demon, Tanzean'al practiced magic not meant to be practiced by mortals. Tanzean'al lashed out at his teachers one night, and killed them all, but one. The royal magician Kolak to the Paleon City King who was not present. Outraged Paleon King James sent a company of soldiers to arrest the rogue wizard. Those soldiers were met on the field of battle by hideous new races that Tanzean'al had created from imprisoned elves, and dwarves through his dark magic. The orcs, goblins, ogre, and trolls destroyed the all of the Paleon company that did not flee. Many of the men that were not killed, were eaten. Tanzean'al had their skulls placed on pikes in front of his manor, which he had fortified. With this skirmish victory, Tanzean'al began taking over small villages and forming an army that was called the THRONG. The THRONG had a hideous reputation of brutally mutilating all that stood before it. Paleon King James, receiving news of the battle prepared to throw the weight of his army against Tanzean'al. The Royal Magician Kolak stayed his hand, telling him of the demon that was helping Tanzean'al, and advising him to form an alliance with other free races to fight the THRONG. The Paleon King did just that. The ALLIANCE was formed from the free races of Elves, Dwarves, Humans, and Gnomes. The ALLIANCE and the THRONG met in battle before the city of Manoake. The THRONG was destroying the ALLIANCE until the dragons joined the battle. Six Dragons flew from the sky and began to lay waste to Tanzean'al's Army. Tanzean'al slew the Green Dragon with an eldritch bolt of power! The loss of lives was more then the any other battle in history. However, with the dragons cooridnating attacks with royal magician Kolak the THRONG army was defeated! The royal magician Kolak imprisoned Tanzean'al in a magical prison. Agents of Tanzean'al have searched the world battling the ALLIANCE to gain enough of the magic back to free Tanzean'al once again. The time once again has come. Tanzean'al has been freed from his imprisonment, and raises an army unlike the world has ever known. The THRONG is coming to the borders of the free Nations. The free Nations rules have once again called for an alliance to be formed.