08/09/2014 Can now start fights with kick and punch skills
08/09/2014 Human form skill enhanced to allow dragons in human form to defend themselves better
08/09/2014 removed human form exp penalty
08/09/2014 city banks have been added so city officials can beef up forces
08/10/2014 New Lua MSP plugin for MushClient provided by NickGammon
08/12/2014 Now if quest mobs know your hands are full or your carrying too much they will place the item on the ground.
08/13/2014 Happy Hour all day today double experience for fighting, crafting or triple while grouped
08/13/2014 cone skill now doesn't need argument if already fighting
08/13/2014 Fixed a bug where dragons in human form could change back to dragons in rooms too small for the dragon form
08/13/2014 paleon.wav forbidden.wav dakar.wav files volume levels adjusted
08/14/2014 fixed a bug with sugar-cane not actually gathering in bag
08/14/2014 config command revamped to be more accessible
08/14/2014 You now get a message and sound when someone posts a new note on our global boards
08/14/2014 sound added for announcement on arena events
08/15/2014 sounds have been added to all magic spells in the game that are coded, please bug magic spells that don't have sound. I will code them with sound as I am aware of them
08/15/2014 New skill for carpenter tradeskill added mill. However testing required yet before carpenter available for players.
08/15/2014 Each time news is updated you will now get a announcement
08/15/2014 fixed paleon prison quest item reward
08/15/2014 New ID number assigned to all objects, that can be visible when you config id. This lets you pick specific objects even when they have the same name. Helpful for tradeskills.
08/15/2014 New config option autorecast allows you to automatically recast a spell if it fails.
08/17/2014 Vault code removed due to not being needed with houses, lairs and clan store rooms
08/18/2014 ship sailing code added
08/18/2014 New area ships installed for ship sailing code
08/18/2014 new help files aboard, deed, pilot, steer, view, sail, depart and hull created
08/19/2014 many ship sailing sounds acquired and added to sound.zip and Communication.zip
08/20/2014 Lumber sleds created for carpenter tradeskill
08/21/2014 paleon and dakar sewer now will only attack with basher thieves who are appropriate for your level.
08/24/2014 Carpenter tradeskill now available please report all bugs
08/24/2014 New sound files added for fell skill and mill skill of carpenters
08/24/2014 Happy Hour All Day Sunday!
08/24/2014 Remove watch code, didn't use it, so got rid of it.
08/26/2014 ran cppcheck on game code and fixed some uninitialized errors.
08/28/2014 Happy Hour on all day!
08/29/2014 New mail sound should someone post a note directly to you.
09/01/2014 New skill added disguise for monk, thief and bard
09/04/2014 mill skill for carpenters no longer will use mana
09/17/2014 fixed a bug with multiple vaskar mobs appearing in dakar city
09/18/2014 Made punch skill do less damage then kick. Also kick has a longer pause in combat then punch.
09/22/2014 New command added checksieges to allow staff to end all sieges running, or just check the status
09/22/2014 Carpenters can produce hardened defenses that when dropped in a city, increases the city defenses and makes it harder to sabotage in sieges pick axe and axe made by carpenter will not snap into as likely. Moving in ocean water eats up A LOT of move, so carpenter sailing ships will be more desired Furniture crafted by carpenter regenerates players at higher rate then normal furniture if resting or sleeping on it. Players can no longer rapidly level from 1 to 5 by using the portalstone. Under level 5 it will need to recharge a moment before you can use it again. All tutorial areas have descriptions added for all mobs and objects ALL mobs in paleon city now have a description if you look at them.
09/29/2014 Happy Hour this week due to down server time last weekend.
09/30/2014 fixed a crash issue with autorecast config
09/30/2014 fixed a issue with crawl command
10/01/2014 6d.genesismuds.com now should work for domain name
10/02/2014 I added a tab icon graphic to website 6d.genesismuds.com Yah it's nothing great, but little things make me happy.
10/03/2014 Slice skill is slowly being made more relevant with mobs as to chances of discovering a object in corpses.
10/03/2014 New Area Tomb of the Green Dragon added for levels 20 - 35. It is a Group Area, if you try it solo, you better pack a lunch... MUYAHAHAHAH!
10/03/2014 Teacher in bowels of the citadel has been swamped to a new teacher in a different area to the north. This is due to i ncreasing difficulty of grouped areas. Send me a tell if you want to know exact location I'll tell players who knew the old, as the change is just because of my adjustment.
10/03/2014 Attributes during creation no longer affected by your class choice. You can be a mage with 25 strength if that is what you wish to put your points towards. Or a warrior with 25 intelligence.
10/03/2014 You can now be a troll mage, or ogre mage if you want. Don't expect high intelligence or even average though.
10/04/2014 If your intelligence is too low, there will be a chance you forget key phrases when casting spells.
10/04/2014 fixed bug where occassionally you would see yourself tumbling away from your dragon breathe.
10/07/2014 Race attributes at creation were adjusted some. Ask me, and I'll grant you the points if your missing any that new creation players of that race have.
10/07/2014 The various races help files have been updated
10/10/2014 Shadowknight Class updated - some stock skills replaced with chilled touch, icy touch, frost touch, frigid touch, also chilled ward, frost ward, ice ward, and frigid ward
10/11/2014 New skill for shadowknight and crusader called steed.
10/11/2014 new skill for crusader added overhead slash
10/11/2014 New spells static ward, shocking ward, energy ward, lightning ward for crusader
10/11/2014 New attack skill double slash for crusaders
10/11/2014 New skill for monk judo chop replaces judo
10/11/2014 New skill Butterfly Kick added for monks
10/12/2014 Shadowknights and Crusaders gain experience from fighting in battle grouped with their steeds.
10/12/2014 sitting on a mount equals the same as resting for hitpoint recovery except when fighting
10/13/2014 Fixed a crash from mobs killing archers/soldiers in siege
10/13/2014 mounts now travel with portalstone when you do
10/16/2014 New skill added for druids called poultice
10/18/2014 New skill added for Druid called animal form, it allows the druid to take on a new set of skills for a animal form they go to.
10/19/2014 New skill for druid's wolf, bear, gryphon, treant form. Regenerate it works when resting or sleeping.
10/19/2014 animal forms the druid takes are limited in the equipment they can wear
10/19/2014 New skill for druid's owl and fish form. Serenity it works for mana regeneration when resting or sleeping.
10/20/2014 new skill for Druid in bear form called maul
10/20/2014 New skill for Druid wolf form called crushing jaw
10/21/2014 Multiclass druids now will revert to 1 class if in animal form
10/21/2014 miners over level 10 have a chance of mining multiple ores or gems
10/21/2014 Fixed look command so you can do look bear, fish, owl, wolf, treant, instead of only look player name.
10/21/2014 Also have a chance now to gather more then one thing as a higher level baker
10/22/2014 fixed a bug where players got no coins from mobs they killed.
10/23/2014 New animal form skills thick hide, hardened scales, and bark skin they only work for corresponding animals.
10/23/2014 New channel option for speaking to a player. Talkto
10/26/2014 fixed a few bugs with player tradeskills. Thank you for reporting them.
10/26/2014 Players are now set to config id when entering tradeskills building and turned off when they leave it
10/29/2014 Tanning skill rename rekey option changed to use object ID number
10/29/2014 Fixed a infinite loop bug, where if you typed run direction without specifying a number it would crash us.
10/29/2014 Jewelry skill rename rekey option changed to use object ID number
10/29/2014 Forge skill rename rekey option changed to use object ID number
10/29/2014 Bake skill rename rekey option changed to use object ID number
10/29/2014 Mix Skill rename rekey option changed to use object ID number
10/30/2014 Beast Master Class will encounter animal mobs that they can tame in wilderness.
10/30/2014 Beast Master Class can beast meld with the animal, taking over their body.
10/30/2014 New skill Tame added for Beast Master to tame animals they find in wild
10/31/2014 New skill shroud spirit for beast master hides the pet and beastmaster.
11/01/2014 New skill for beast master find water, let's pets find suitable water.
11/01/2014 New skill for beast master stalk prey, let's pets find food, by killing small prey.
11/01/2014 New skill for beast master sharpen claws, let's their pets sharpen their claws for more damage.
11/01/2014 New skill for beast master net, allows the beast master to slow their enemies down by throwing a net on them.
11/01/2014 New skill for beast master, infectious claws allows them to open the poison gland to their pet's claws.
11/02/2014 Beast master in beast meld mode now can fight till a mob is dead, and can use skills claw, bite.
11/02/2014 added petexp, petlevel, pettnl, and petaffection to save on beastmaster player file.
11/02/2014 Beast Master pet's now gain exp for kills that are higher level then them.
11/03/2014 Beast Master pet's now gain levels from fighting.
11/03/2014 added check so Beast Master pets cannot wear shields or weapons
11/03/2014 tradeskills now use object id for repair as well
11/03/2014 Beast Master pet's now get hungry and thirsty, and it affects their affection level
11/04/2014 fixed a crash bug with stalk animal command
11/04/2014 Got beast master class showing up in who now, when using beast meld
11/05/2014 fixed issue with pet hunger/thirsty for beastmaster
11/05/2014 fixed crash issue with beast master in beast meld using level command.
11/05/2014 Beast Master Class made available to players, please report all bugs.
11/05/2014 New skill bull spirit for beast master, applies constitution of the bull to the beast master and their pet.
11/05/2014 New skill bear spirit for beast master, gives the strength of a bear to the beast master and their pet
11/05/2014 New skill wolf spirit for beast master, gives the stamina of the wolf to the beast master and their pet.
11/07/2014 Pet exp bug with gaining levels fixed!
11/07/2014 New command for pet owners, petreport. Order pet petreport
11/07/2014 fixed issue with needing to drink and eat every few seconds for beast master pets
11/08/2014 Now will no longer hear ooc.wav messages when staff talk on the staff channel.
11/08/2014 fixed a few bugs, will try to catch up on them all soon
11/08/2014 Beast Master Pet hitpoints increased
11/08/2014 Pet's now allowed to be order to use wimpy command.
11/09/2014 New command deed allows carpenter to sign over a ship deed to whoever they want, enabling them to make some gold for ship sales
11/09/2014 New command hull for use at shipwright at dock to repair your ship.
11/09/2014 now will not fail as often the higher level craftsman you are.
11/11/2014 fixed bug with jewelery not allowing all items listed to be crafted
11/11/2014 Drow and Centaur race can now be bards
11/13/2014 New skill for Beast Master elbow.
11/13/2014 New skill ferocious strike added for beast master class
11/14/2014 Beast Master pets giving a pause with order command when fighting, so they can't just spam attacks killing mobs players normally would struggle with.
11/22/2014 Fixed up gunthis quest so easier to understand
11/23/2014 fixed solve code to remove a few ansci characters screen readers had issue with
11/24/2014 Drow Vaskar quest fixed in Dakar City
11/26/2014 Portal Stone now will send you to Santa's Workshop for the holidays
09/27/2015 Fixed Druid animal form that would instantly restore hitpoints whenever used.
10/13/2015 fixed bug with feign death saying you are already fighting with one of your characters when you stand up.
10/13/2015 fixed bug with create water spell not giving failure message if container already full
10/13/2015 bug with gust of wind saying your fighting with your other character is fixed

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